Hi, my name is Mr. Castiglioni, and i bought the domain name www.sketchbookhomework.com after offering optional weekly sketchbook homework to my elementary art students in Virginia Beach.  I was tired of getting drawings on line paper and those "super S's" as gifts from my students every day.  I figured that since they were going to create art at home anyway, I might as well give them a little guidance by offering tutorial videos for them to do.  I began posting my own drawing tutorial videos as well as videos from some really excellent, kid-friendly youtubers.

 I have always believed that authentic learning, and expression happens through creating something original.  So, why give students guided-drawing videos then?  Well, for a couple of reasons actually:

  • The tutorial videos are only meant to serve as a STARTING POINT for the children's art.  I am constantly encouraging my students to take their work "to the next level" BEYOND what the video guides them through

  • Learning to follow a tutorial video is an excellent skill for students in this day and age.  If students have done nothing more than what the video walks them through, they still have a great looking piece of art that they can be proud of.  

After teaching my students that taking their work "to the next level" is what it is all about, I began to see my students create AMAZING, unbelievable artwork at HOME and bring it in to art class to show it off.  I encourage you to give this homework program a try with your students in any grade level!


 honored to be your child's art teacher this year! Let me tell you a little about myself: First and foremost, I am a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to 4 young children. I have a BFA in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. This is my 8th year teaching art at Landstown.

I believe that art is an absolutely crucial and integral part of a child's education. In art class, we do more than just create pretty pictures: We explore different materials and techniques, we observe and connect to nature, we learn to express our feelings, we reflect on our identity, we learn about the contributions of famous artists, We connect knowledge from different subjects, we learn vocabulary words, we challenge ourselves, we use the artmaking process from brainstorming and sketching all the way to refining when it's finished. We pour our heart into what we do.

My desire is for my students to produce their artwork in the same way that they will approach their life and careers in the future: With great care, excitement, preparation, and expertise. Most of all, I hope that in making art, kids will learn to deal with their mistakes and shortcomings and resolve to always keep growing and exploring.


People often don’t realize how important art is in a world that is become more and more design and concept oriented. Art naturally deals with what everyone one is calling, “21st Century Skills”. Skills such as critical thinking/problem solving, communication skills, creativity and innovation, visual literacy, as well as cultural literacy and global awareness. On top of all that, art is fun and it enriches our lives. I am looking forward to helping your child explore art this year.

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