Ocean Lakes Art Camp!


To all of my sketchbook homework club members:  If you are interested in a great art opportunity this summer, I want to highly recommend this summer art camp to you!


There are a lot of summer camps out there that say they do "art".  Unfortunately what you end up with from these camps is a bunch of pre-cut craft with little room for expression and concept.  This camp will be different!  This camp will be taught by Virginia Beach Art teachers!  I spoke with them and they said:


"We love to see what each kids interpretation of the theme or activity is."


Pretty cool huh?  It sounded so great that I plan to volunteer at the camp and sign up at least 1 of my own children!  Click the link to the left for more information and the application form!



Art Camp at:



Another GREAT place to get art lessons locally.  Scholarships are available also.  Just click the link below:





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